Agriculture and Environmental


UAVs are starting to revolutionise agriculture with enhanced remote sensing capabilities, both in the visible light spectrum, and through the use of multi/hyper spectral sensors.  At this stage, it is embryonic with many strands of research underway as to their effective implementation.  Auster Aviation is a member of the Harper Adams University UAV Special Interest Group, and is actively involved in several research programmes with the university.

Environmental Impact Assessment

On an ongoing basis, Auster Aviation uses UAVs  aerial imagery and surveys input into Environmental Impact Assessments. These are used on a on-off basis, and as a time series.

Other services


UAVs are used to produce detailed high accuracy surveys. Outputs include orthographic images, digital terrain models, volume calculations and vegetation indices.

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Commercial Inspections

In an industrial and commercial context, UAV technologies can save money and significantly reduce health and safety risks when performing inspections at height.

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